This Lady Would Like To Be In Warcraft Movie

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Horror scream queen Michele Morrow has professed her desire to be in the upcoming Sam Raimi Warcraft film. Get in line, sister!

As with Sean Young and the role of Catwoman or Freddie Prinz, Jr. and the role of Spider-Man, Morrow has announced that she would like to be in a big budget property. Morrow, star of films like Basement Jack, is eying the role of character Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the leader of the Forsaken.

She's not only the star of low budget horror films, but also has some TV credits to her name (Female Prisoner #1 on The Young and the Restless and College Student on Alias). Like many other people, Morrow also plays World of Warcraft — she is a guild leader in World of Warcraft and currently taking on Saurfang Jr. in the Icecrown Citadel. And actually started playing WoW after a serious accident during the shooting of Basement Jack that left her in a neck brace for about a year.


The actress tells game site IncGamers why she wants to be Lady Sylvanas Windrunner in the big budget, highly anticipated Warcraft movie from director Sam Raimi. "To be honest, I'd be happy to play any of the characters in the movie. But, Sylvanas... I love her because she's determined. She's insidious. She's arrogant and spiteful, but you can't really blame her. She's very tortured. I love this imagination of her. She truly takes her own council."

Warcraft is poised to be a big film: domestically and internationally. It already has a big name director (Sam Raimi) and a big name screenwriter (Robert Rodat of Saving Private Ryan fame) is most likely to have big name actors. This is a big name film. Those big names will be signed for their acting ability and not their WoW ability.

Granted, Sam Raimi got his start in horror, and his long time film editor still has close ties to horror — this could help her if she gets an audition. And if she does, then break a leg.

Celebs Interested in the Warcraft Film: Michele Morrow Interview [IncGamers]

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Reverend Hunt

So, I see this photo of this lass, and I note, "well, she's apparently noteworthy for my favorite movie genre, and she has pretty eyes... why haven't I heard of her?"

So I look up her imdb profile. I have not heard of a single movie listed on there. At. All.

Can she really be a Scream Queen if the subjects don't know her?