Conquest, Murder, Pillage...Yup, That's Christmas

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Video games don't usually get into the Christmas spirit. Which is a shame! So it was nice to see that, upon reinstalling Crusader Kings II yesterday, I ran into this: a new holiday soundtrack to one of the most bloodthirsty games ever made.


Seems it came out last year, as free (and optional, you can disable it) DLC called "Songs of Yuletide". It will only play if your system clock says it's December, and is also available for Europa Universalis IV.

Just the thing to get you into the spirit of giving while plotting to murder your bastard son.


I disagree with the first sentence, literally any video game I buy remind me of the true spirit of modern christmas. :P

Videogames - and the disgusting marketing machines behind them to sell them to us - represent the modern christmas spirit very well, that basically comes down to showing each other what the other is worth to us by spending ginormous amounts of cash to gift them stuff. And yes, I am that cynical, but it's ok. I love modern christmas, because of my little nephews reactions to their gifts.

CK2 is cool though, my family keeps on murdering me, unless I get rid of them first - Christmas! :D