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PC Game Has The Funniest Out-Of-Context Forum Topics

As we've seen with its patch notes, Crusader Kings II is a game that, taken out of context, sounds completely insane. The game's forums are no different.

Here's a selection of recent thread titles from CKII's Steam forums, put together by @shadowmar.


Yes, they've been cherry-picked, but they're hardly isolated instances. In the days since that image was put together, for example, there have been threads called:

  • Why didn't I inherit Scotland?
  • cant legitimize basterds as cathlic lord

Which again sounds nutso, but the game really does accommodate all of this nonsense, and really does make you care deeply enough about it to take to a public forum and talk about it.


All this is to say that if you haven't yet played Crusader Kings II, you probably should.

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