Cole Hamels Reminds You That Grenades are "for Pussies"

Well. This is edgy as all get-out. Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels comes to Modern Warfare 2 to tell us that mindlessly hucking grenades is a dickbag cop-out. And then there's "Fight Against Grenade Spam," which makes a cheerful acronym.


It looks like this video (NSFW language), posted by Infinity Ward, just went up. I'm not sure if Hamels is one of the celeb voices in the game or if they're just being timely with his appearance in the World Series (pitching Game Three tomorrow, no less). That is his voice however. And he tosses in a "what the fuck" for good measure, I guess because Chase Utley wasn't available.

Fighting Against Grenade Spam PSA [YouTube]



Geez. People will bitch about anything. Grow some fuckin' balls, man up, and take it on the chin. I'm from the south. People pick up on this because I have a southern accent. They talk shit to me all the time about being a redneck, screwing my own family, and all kinds of stereotypical crap. But I guess 'cuz none of those things are a specific word directly used to insult a minority in this country, then it's A-OK!

It's perfectly fine to insult me for being from the South, but if someone cracks a fried chicken and watermelon joke at a black guy or uses the word "fag" to insult someone, hoooooooly shit. PC Police come rollin' in and everyone is up in arms.

But you know what - they're just people talking shit, so who gives a fuck? I don't let it bother me. And it's funny, because there's a lot of intollerance and bigotry 'round Kotaku, but no one seems to care as long as everyone agrees to it.

A good example would be any post even remotely related to religion. As soon as a religious article gets posted, the internet hate machine churns up, and the comments are flooded with "Flying Spaghetti Monster" post, people ranting about how "stupid religious idiots" are ruining humanity, and all sorts of lovely remarks filled with hate and malice towards a collective group of people.

I dunno about you, but that seems a lot like religious intolerance which is very much in the same vein as this whole fiasco. Granted, I can't go comment-by-comment and say all the people commenting on this video are the same posting on the religious articles, but I read Kotaku enough to see quite a few regular names and know a number of people are at fault.

As a religious person, I don't exactly enjoy reading comments that are ignorantly bashing my beliefs which are something very important to me. But hey, I deserve it 'cuz I believe a bowl of pasta created the universe, right?

But you know what? I just deal with it. Why the fuck am I going to let some random assholes on the internet get me up in arms because of some stupid crap like that? Further, why even acknowledge their behavior by dignifying them with a response? So I don't.

Yet when it comes to something like this, everyone and their mother wants to act like it's some huge atrocity that just makes them sick to their stomach. So Infinity Ward is saying grenade spammers are a bunch of fags. Okay. Got'cha. Cool. It's immature, lowbrow humor. Maybe you laughed, maybe you rolled your eyes, but why make a big deal about it?

I'm sure you can argue that, "Ignoring it simply propagates the notion that it's okay to say it!" . . . Yeah, and? Your point? You could ban these words, make them illegal to speak, and incur harsh punishments on those who say them, but you're not going to change anything. It's inevitable. Like how saying gay and retard are now synonymous with something considered dumb or stupid.

And even if you could censor it, you're not going to change what people think and what goes on in their minds. By restricting and limiting it, people may act proper outside of their homes, but it's not going to change what's on the inside. And in that respect, it's a bad thing. Who wants to live in a world where everyone masks who they are and how they really feel for the sake of being PC?

If I was a gay guy, I'd rather know 2 people in my social circle think of me as a "gay ass pounding fag" so I can not associate them, rather than live in ignorance and happy at the fact that we've all got our PC masks on. And the more liberated people are to speak their minds and express who they really are, the better you can be at picking who you do and don't wish to associate with.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm religious, but I also believe in freedom. Want to be a muslim, agnostic, atheist, etc? More power to you. For those of you who aren't Christians (and God knows there's plenty of you on this site), how would you feel if this was still the 1900s and you had to pretend to be religious and maintain and act a certain way to save face in the community? As a non-Christian, you probably wouldn't like it very much.

Yet, that's essentially what being PC is. Instead of following a religious standard, now everyone feels they need to adhere and abide to a set of legal standards on what should be and isn't acceptable. But why? Everyone should just be who they are and act the way they want without some group calling the waaambulance on 'em because something they said made this other group feel bad.

As I stated at the beginning of this rant: Grow some balls. Stop letting every minor thing in this world upset you and how you find it "disgusting" that people act a certain way. Don't like it? Don't get involved with it. But acting like it's some huge atrocity against mankind is just ridiculous. #nsfw