Modern Warfare 2 Features Cameo From 50 Cent (And More)

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Rapper 50 Cent will be strapping on the bulletproof vest once again in a video game—but not one of his own. Instead, he'll be making a cameo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


Fifty won't be continuing the search for his diamond encrusted skull, however. The rapper will simply lend his vocal talents to Modern Warfare 2 as "The Multi-Player Voice," according to official site The rapper dropped the news following a visit to Infinity Ward, during which he played Modern Warfare 2 with Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden. No official word yet on whether those two contribute to the game or if Infinity Ward was simply double booked.

Robert Bowling, the developer's director of communications, says that 50 Cent will be "one of the squad voices in Multiplayer / Spec Ops" on his Twitter account.

This wouldn't be the first Call of Duty to feature famous voices, as actors Keifer Sutherland and Gary Oldman played prominent roles in Treyarch's Call of Duty: World At War. Obviously, Mr. Cent is no stranger to video game voice over work, having appeared as himself in 50 Cent Bulletproof and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

The only question we have is whether 50 Cent can go as deep and hard, (bitch), as Infinity Ward's own Mark Grigsby did in Call of Duty 4...

Update: Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward tells us that 50 Cent is "one of many squad voices" that will be featured in the multiplayer and Spec Ops modes in Modern Warfare 2. Expect to hear Fifty saying things like"Reloading," "Watch your fire," "I'm down, get me up!" and "Tango Down!" according to Bowling.


"He is one of quite a few casual cameos in the game, none of which I can name at this point," Bowling says. "Benji and Joel of Good Charlotte NOT being one of them. They're just good friends with Curtis and came along with him when he was here recently to check out his voice in the game."

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Another in a long list of things that give me a bad feeling about this game. First, they take away the "Call of Duty" trying to create a separate franchise so they can sell two games a year. Then, they add back the Call of Duty, because it looks like they need another "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" before the masses will accept it on its own. Then they show an E3 preview with ice-climbing and snowmobiles and other things that made me go, "meh." Now 50 Cent. Because he's a key plot element? No. Because he's an excellent voice actor? His own games show that's a no. Because he'll help sell the new Modern Warfare to casual fans, establishing it as its own franchise (which I still think is a suck idea)? Yes. Think I'll be sticking with the excellent CoD4 and underrated World at War.

Wonder if the unheralded $60 PC price was created to pay for his salary? This just makes me feel like IW is adding tons of extra crap to the game that will, ironically, take away from the brutality and reality of the first Modern Warfare. Sorta like the bloody FPS equivalent of the Star Wars Special Editions.