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Last month's teasing comes to fruition as NCsoft pulls back the curtain on City of Heroes Issue 16: Power Spectrum, putting the power to customize powers in the players' hands.


It really wasn't much of a secret, now was it? My biggest gripe about City of Heroes has long been the fact that I can spend 300 hours putting together a unique costume, but at the end of the day I'm just another guy shooting green stuff out of his hands. Well soon I'll be able to shoot red stuff or pink stuff....oooo, a pink superhero in hot pants who defeats evil with the power of love!


Okay, getting a bit ahead of myself.

Just about every power with a visible effect will be tweakable come Issue 16's release, with more physical powers like Martial Arts and Super Strength scoring different animation sets to help set Karate Man apart from Karatte Man.

Other changes coming in the next update include the unlocking of various power sets previous unavailable to certain archetypes, and the ability to tweak the difficulty to your liking, telling the game you want to be treated as say, an 8-person team.

Those aren't nearly as interesting as the Pink Avenger. Love beams away!

Issue 16 Details [City of Heroes]

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