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For those in the know, Positron's post on the City of Heroes forums yesterday tips off a hugebigimportant development in the cape-and-longjohns MMO. As in power customization, a concept begged for from day one.


Posi came in and, in the words of one commenter, threw a chair and left, with this:

So there has been some speculation on the boards about the content of Issue 16, and its relationship to the Going Rogue expansion. Due to some poor link naming in the initial Going Rogue email, many of you are under the mistaken impression that Issue 16 will be Going Rogue.

I am here to set the record straight. Issue 16 is NOT Going Rogue.

But I can give you guys a hint at what Issue 16 WILL be all about:

And then he dropped that image above, plus another. The file names "purple_fire_control.jpg" and "blue_fire_dominator.jpg" were a big tipoff to power customization. Longtime commenters reacted thusly. Then Back Alley Brawler, a dev, showed up and pretended to pay off a $5 bet for the addition of power customization.


Admittedly, this will mean lots more to the CoH community among us; I've been hideously slack in my crimefighting (still paying the $20 though, which if it doesn't make me a preferred customer, what does?). More on this as it develops, which it will.

Issue 16 [City of Heroes Forums, thanks Michael G. and Ryan R.]

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