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To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Day Note Puzzle Fun Counting Challenge

This is the time of year for holiday cards and, in our business, for showcasing the ones sent out by major publishers and studios, and bragging about which ones you've received.

They're very flattering, but few could be as flattering as that virtual card we got yesterday from Nic - aka commenter Flagg - whose brother Shawn has done the programming for the the site hosting it, The Card Chest. Nic put a holiday spin on the Metal Gear Solid equip-a-box joke for the card, which he designed in Photoshop before uploading and sending over to us.


We cover some important people and companies, and we're happy to have professional relationships with them. But they are not and never can be our constituency. These gestures from readers mean a great deal, and I'm not sure if a reader understands how much they mean when a writer considers how fortunate he is to do the job he does.

Happy Holidays to you all.

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To all the Kotaku Editors - All of you make my day. I wake up in the morning and visit the site not just for gaming news, but to see the part of you that each of you put into your articles. There are a ton of gaming sites out there, but none of them bring a smile to my face like Kotaku. It has been another great year with you guys and girls. The improvements to the site over the last year have been fantastic. I enjoy getting notifications on replies to my post.

I hope you all have a great holidays and here's to another great year!

To all Kotaku Commenters - All of you too make my day. There are moments where you make me smile, make me laugh, scratch my head, and boil inside. I enjoy your wisdom, your comedy, your sillyness, and at rare moments some of your fanboyisms (you know who you are....stop looking away slyly)

I hope all of you happy holidays, regardless of what you celebrate and hope to see you all again next year. I know its a bit early, but damnit Owen's note has made me all giddy inside.