Out Outs the 'Gayest' Video Games

Out.com, the online presence of the gay lifestyle magazine Out, has selected its "Gayest Video Games." This is like pouring jet fuel on a thermite-and-napalm salad, but these are games that trip their gaydar, not ones straight people call "gay."

"Super Mario Bros.: Cleaning pipes and taking names," goes the first entry. We can see where this is headed. "Two bare-chested dudes on a mission neither can accomplish without the other," is the description for Contra. Duke Nukem is a "muscled Chelsea queen." Mortal Kombat is "Likely the first and most tranny-relevant video game." And the "hands-down gayest video game of all time," oughta set a few people off.

The Gayest Video Games [Out.com via Go Nintendo]


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