Cheevers Try One Last Time for NBA Live Mark

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Achievement boosters failed back in October to claim the 100-point bounty for being signed in with 1,000 others to NBA Live 07. With servers for the game deactivating Feb. 2, they'll take another crack at it on Jan. 31. is once again staging the final run at this damn-near-impossible mark, which appeared in the first achievement-enabled version of EA Sports' hoops franchise and was not carried over to successive versions, for obvious reasons. X360A says "there have been only two times when this has been achieved." They'll try to make it three on Jan. 31, which is a Sunday.


They're trying to get 1,000 signed in at 1 p.m. U.S. Eastern, 10 a.m. U.S. Pacific (6 p.m. GMT). They promise "multiple x360a rooms set up, with staff and senior members heading up the rooms."

So, if you have the game, or can rent it, steal it, or buy it for a dollar-ninety-five from your local bargain bin, that's an easy 100 gamerscore just for showing up. Rumor has it that one person can sign in up to four controllers on the same console and still have it count toward the 1,000. X360A has contacted EA Sports for clarification.

NBA Live 1,000 People Online - Take 2 []

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I just picked up a copy of this game at the local Game Trader for a whopping $3.45 (30% off used games!)

This is probably the cheapest entertainment I could come up with that day, other than trying all day to get some from the wife. But, that's pretty futile, so I'll prioritize this achievement hunting instead.