NBA Live Achievement Whores Fail to Get 1,000 Online [Updated]

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NBA Live 07 - a game now three years old - currently has about 500 players on Xbox Live. And they need 500 more in the next half-hour for every one of them to collect an easy 100 Gamerscore.


Update: Doesn't sound like they made it. No word yet if they'll try again.

The game included a 100-point achievement for being signed in at the same time as 1,000 other players. This achievement was not included in later versions. For many completionists, it's the last barrier to getting all 15 achievements and 1,000 score.


So if you have NBA Live 07, log in now and stay online until 2 pm U.S. Mountain Time (40 minutes from now). You might pick up a stupid easy 100 points. You might also waste 40 minutes with a three-year old game, but hey, it's a Saturday. You had plans?

Boosting Gaming Session for NBA Live 07 [TrueAchievements]

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Achievements in general are piss dumb, because they do absolutely nothing and mean absolutely nothing. They turn "fun" into "work" and in the end waste people's time and electricity. Caring about your Gamerscore just makes you that much dumber as a human being.

So, why the hell do people have to sign in within the next 40 minutes? Do the servers for the game go down or something?