Celebrate Grand Theft Auto IV's 1-Year Anniversary With Bundles

Happy birthday, Grand Theft Auto IV. You're one year old today. Microsoft got you an Xbox 360 Elite "Limited Anniversary Edition" bundle to promote the occasion. But brace for pack-in disappointment...

While the latest Xbox 360 Elite package packs in a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, it doesn't appear to offer a complimentary copy of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned as we'd hoped. Instead, the birthday bundle packs in two limited edition stickers, one featuring the GTA IV logo, the other featuring the Liberty City Swingers team logo.


Microsoft reps still have not yet responded to requests for clarification on the when, where and how much for the Xbox 360 Elite "Limited Anniversary Edition" bundle, but we'd expect an announcement soon. Given the dual-language nature of the package, this could be limited to our neighbors to the north, but that's just speculation.

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