Capcom: Major RE5 Announce is Not Exclusive Xbox Deal

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This sounds like it'll dog Resident Evil 5 right up to the release date. We had Capcom/RE5/Microsoft exclusivity rumors going back to February and they were shot down then. Well, Videogaming247 this past week said a little birdie told them Capcom had "some big things to reveal at E3," in mid-July. citing "from what I have been told" said that Microsoft had offered wads of lucre to get an exclusive crack at it a month ahead of Sony. Christian "Sven" Svensson knocked it down over on Capcom Unity. "The assertion is false. RE5 is a multiplatform release that fits with our oft-stated crossplatform strategy."

GayGamer notes that Svensson doesn't say which assertion is false - an offer of cash, or Capcom accepting - but "multiplatform release," means what it says, and thats moot. Also doesn't knock down the "big things" rumor about E3 but then, saying big things will be announced at that show is like saying a boxing match will feature people hitting each other in the face real hard.


Any Word if This is True or Not? [Capcom Unity, via GayGamer]

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@Sparx: Hey no problem, but while I do agree with you in some aspects I have to argue against all incentives being the same.

True, all incentives are not the same, if I said, or made it seem that way my bad bro. What I am trying to get at, however, is just the nature of huge corporations. There is nothing for me to really say towards M$ because it doesnt seem like theyre trying to hide their practices.

Sony seems like they are though and it is working on many fans. Many of the comments you made in the last post are good, but notice they're all pro Sony incentives. Offering a MGS4 movie deals and all that is good, but it had better be the damn best oppotunity cost, because no company is going to leave themselves worst off.

I think Sony just realizes that now theres another company that will indeed battle them with pure cash. The GTA4 exclusive content is the biggest thing we can say about M$ paying a company, however, it did nothing to the PS3 version. M$ secured an edge to make their version better for their system, Sony could do the same if they wanted, but we dont know why they didnt. Tretton will say its because they dont pay for exclusivity of course. They dont want to seem dirty.

I guarantee when/if they beat out the 360 really well this generation they will start speaking truth to the media. Saying things like, " Yea, we offer incentives (money) to differentiate our games from the competition."

This one always makes me laugh, if, and I really mean IF, Sony ever does come out on top over the Nintendo Wii, it will all of a sudden become apart of the competition, and we will hear things like this, " We have now surpassed our largest competition and are number one, the consumers realize where they can get their full game experience."

Its all about saving face until your free to talk about it. So I am sure they wont mention anything now, nor outright about thier practices, no company does that, but just pick up on what PR says when theyre in a spot of "comfort". Maybe its just me, but I cant seem to beleive they are not paying companies. Then again I am just one person and I actually may be wrong, I cant be 100% sure unless I know what is said throught the meetings. When I can get all the details.