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Call of Duty: Warzone Players Are Going Invisible Again Using Red Doors

Raven Software added troublesome portals in Warzone S4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Glitches cycle in and out of Call of Duty: Warzone like stray cats through an abandoned house, but invisibility has caused players more headaches than most. And despite past fixes, Call of Duty’s battle royale players once again appear to be getting shot by opponents they can’t see, this time thanks to the game’s mysterious new red doors.

The game’s season 4 went live in mid-June, adding among other things mysterious red door portals sprinkled across the map that transport players to special high-value loot rooms.


“Please tell me I’m not losing my mind, but did y’all see the guy?” user NosajnessBTR wrote in a thread that blew up over the weekend on the Warzone subreddit. It includes a short video clip in which the player gets sprayed with bullets seemingly shot from nowhere until they die while trying to escape. But the Killcam footage reveals the assailant was actually standing right in front of them the whole time. “I was just playing some plunder trying to level up my groza and came across this guy,” NosajnessBTR wrote.


It’s not clear if this is a new bug or the re-emergence of an old one, or how widespread it is, but Reddit user Lma0-Zedong, who Warzone makers Raven Software reached out to on July 15, claimed it’s one of four glitches that have been around for some time. “2 are related to Red Doors (one of them not possible to achieve it in Solos), 1 to PS Sessions (Plunder and BuyBacks only) and 1 to Loadout/Cash Crates,” they wrote in the comments of another invisibility glitch video posted last week. “I reported how to do the 4 of them to Activision but there is nothing stated about it in the patch notes.”

Activision Blizzard did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

YouTube is already filling up with videos claiming to show players how to exploit the latest versions of the invisibility bug, including the one that uses red doors. For the red door invisibility glitch specifically, players need to cook a grenade, grab an ATV or dirtbike, and travel through the red door portal nearly simultaneously. The timing needs to be perfect or it won’t work, but as this particular video explaining the glitch shows, the results can be devastating.

Invisibility glitches, like bugged vehicles and broken guns, are a perennial issue in Warzone. While they don’t ruin the game for most players, they do lead to a lot of frustration and funny videos for those who do encounter them. Last December, players were crashing helicopters to turn invisible. More recently, players were abusing a “Rook” skin for the operator Roze to be almost impossible to detect in dark places. Raven made the skin glow slightly to nerf its gameplay impact, but why bother with camouflage if there’s a way to turn completely invisible?