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Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Are Hunting Glitchers Who Spawn Unlimited Juggernauts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The massive armored suit upgrades known as juggernauts are proliferating in Call of Duty: Warzone thanks to a new glitch, leading some skilled players to go out of their way to hunt down opponents who are using them.

The glitch to spawn duplicate juggernauts is straightforward to attempt but can be difficult to pull off. As Call of Duty player Cable711 explains in a recent video (via VGC), the trick revolves around trying to call for a juggernaut while simultaneously picking up a score streak. Since there’s a guaranteed juggernaut in the loot-filled Subway Easter egg room, Cable711 goes there, grabs it, and then throws it while picking up a UAV to get the game to spawn a juggernaut care package without using up the canister he’s holding. The timing is easy to mess up, but with some practice Cable711 was able to spawn over a dozen during a single match.

Credit: Cable711

“Pretend we’re playing a game of duos here and my teammate had died going to the subway Easter egg,” he says. “I would go through, grab the juggernaut, get an extra UAV, and as he wins his Gulag I can throw this down and get a juggernaut not only for me but for him when he gets back from his Gulag.”


Juggernaut killstreaks are controversial among some players in Warzone because of how heavily they can stack the odds in one person’s favor late in a match thanks to the gear’s bullet-sponge armor and minigun. Facing an entire squad of them is practically a guaranteed death sentence. But not for everyone, and some of the game’s more skilled players are starting to make a point of seeking out these encounters to punish potential abusers of the glitch.

Gif: Activision / bwg11 (Fair Use)

“The juggernaut Easter egg is a plague in our lobbies,” wrote one player on Reddit. “So we hunt them and listen to their rage.” While some players are out-shooting juggernauts, others are using sneakier tactics. One player wiped an opposing team of juggernauts by luring them into a bunch of explosives. A few have settled on riot shields and close-formation teamwork to simply outmaneuver the colossi. Trying to take on juggernauts has been a staple of their time in Warzone, but since the glitch players are approaching it with newfound gustow.

Cable711’s hope, meanwhile, is that bringing more visibility to the glitch will help get it patched out sooner, because for every group of players trying to even the odds, there are teams of juggernauts absolutely shredding everyone who stands in their way.