Bungie Leaves Mythic Map Pack Stocking Stuffer

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Alert reader KilOMisFiT spotted a Bungie update on Halo 3, accompanied by holiday wishes and this new screenshot.


UPDATE: Hawty McBloggy says: "The screenshot you posted is actually Orbital, one of the three multiplayer maps in the Mythic Map Pack that releases around the same time as Halo Wars. If you click on the image, it has this in the url, "H3_MP_Orbital_Tether.jpg"

Bungie had a little more to say about Halo 3:ODST in a weekly update.

The game, which releases Fall 2009, is currently "representational" which means theoretically it's playable end-to-end. Which Bungie did on Wednesday. "The entire studio was pulled "offline" on Wednesday - diverted from their other work - to play through Halo 3: ODST," they said, noting "the first playthrough is all business."

However, this first playthrough has none of the pro voice talent yet, meaning "here's still quite a bit of Microsoft Mike and studio talent in the mix, standing in until the professional actors lend their voices to us." Studio talent includes Bungie exec Joseph Staten. "Marine voice actor, check. ODST voice actor, check. Female marine voice actress, he's got that down too. The man has range."

Bungie Weekly Update [Bungie]


With all the rampant game dropping in Gears 2, with apparently no consequences for quitting early, I'm highly considering a return to Halo 3 in the likely event LOTR Conquest doesn't do it for me (had some bad experiences online with Left 4 Dead, and it's somewhat soured me on the game).

It's really gotten ridiculous. Fuck the virtual rank next to my name when I sign in. I play for a sense of competition, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat (and soon-to-follow blaming and bitching at my friends who may or may not have been responsible). It's all in fun. But playing 5-on-3 because two guys afraid of dropping back to two bars quitting early sucks, and I feel bad for the other three guys who stuck around. I guess I understand there are a lot of kids out there with nothing better to do than try and hit that elusive five bars, but chasing a meaningless rank has really ruined the game in some respects.

Gears' ranking system makes no damn sense compared to Halo 3. I have buddies who routinely put up better numbers than I do, while I play horrible games, yet I still stay at three, and they're stuck at two. Consequently, if you bail early on Halo 3, you know damn well your rank just took a serious hit, if not a full derank.

/OT rant over.

Bring on ODST, I think I'm ready to revisit an old friend.