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Bloodborne First-Person Mod Looks Very Impressive

Not sure how combat is going to work like this, but it does look lovely

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’ve played Bloodborne in third-person, yes, but what about first-person?

This new effort by Garden of Eyes, built off an existing Dark Souls 3 mod made by prolific Souls modder, Zullie The Witch, goes beyond just yanking the camera into a different position, and takes all kinds of stuff into consideration in order to try to make the experience as playable as possible.

Just how playable that is remains to be seen—you’ll be robbed of a lot of spatial awareness needed in combat, playing like this. But this is a mod, not a core design tenet, so really I’m just more impressed with how smooth this looks rather than what it adds (or takes away!) from the actual experience of playing Bloodborne.

The mod is actually triggered by wearing a new headpiece called the “Great One Hat, which you get at the very start of the game. And as you can see, something that really cuts down on how jarring this could have been is the floating hands and holding animation, edited by Garden of Eyes and which slightly changes the viewpoint depending upon the weapon held.


It’ll be compatible with Lance McDonald’s 60FPS patch too, which is nice. Bloodborne First Person Mod isn’t quite ready to download yet, but keep an eye on Garden of Eyes’ Patreon for word on when it drops.

You can see it in action in the video below, which if you’d told me was a trailer for Bloodborne VR I’d have 100% believed you.

If Zullie’s name sounds familiar, that’s because they’re one of the names behind Nightfall, an upcoming fan-made “direct sequel” to Dark Souls, the creator of a first-person mod for Sekiro, and also one of my favourite Dark Souls mods, where you can swap out your player character and get things done as a skeleton that’s just doing its best.