Bloodborne Modder Releases Long-Awaited 60 FPS Hack

Whip it in 60 fps.
Whip it in 60 fps.
Screenshot: From Software / Sony

Bloodborne can now be played with smooth 60 frames-per-second visuals thanks to the long-anticipated release of an unofficial patch. You will need a modded PlayStation 4 to try it out, however, preferably a PS4 Pro.

The patch’s creator, Lance McDonald, is something of a video game archaeologist, with cool stuff on his resume like discovering a Nier: Automata cheat code and in-depth examinations of P.T. environments. He first started teasing his work on Bloodborne in early 2020 before putting the ball in Sony’s court, telling salivating fans that he would drop his patch once it became clear that the PlayStation 4 game wasn’t going to get an official update or improvements on the PlayStation 5.

From Software / Sony / Lance McDonald (YouTube)

“I’ll be releasing this patch publicly once the PlayStation 5 has released and Sony have made it clear whether or not Bloodborne will be enhanced on that system in any way,” McDonald said at the time. “Out of respect for PlayStation, I want them to have the first chance to put 60 fps Bloodborne into the hands of players.”


Now, the day has finally come for McDonald to grace Bloodborne players with his work. The requisite patch can be downloaded on his Patreon with a few key instructions, though figuring out how to dump the game and get it working on a modified PlayStation 4 is all up to you.

“Please enjoy it,” McDonald wrote.

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I just wish Sony would release an official patch to do this. Even if it’s just for PS5. I have no interest in modding my consoles.

I can play Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, and Sekiro all at 60fps on my PS5. But not Bloodborne. Hurts man.