Modder Breaks Out Of PT And Explores The Town Of Silent Hill

Gif: Lance McDonald (YouTube)

PT is a game that is mostly about exploring the same creepy hallway over and over again. But at the very end, players do get a peek at the outside world and get a small glimpse of the town of Silent Hill. And now a modder has figured out a way to explore this area of the game. And surprisingly this area, only seen for a brief moment at the end of PT, is huge and highly detailed.


Modder Lance McDonald created a video showcasing his exploration of the town. To break out of PT’s hallways, McDonald had to mess with some of the game’s coding.

In PT, the doors in the hallway link the player seamlessly to other maps that each have their own ID code. These maps are usually just more hallways, each one slightly different. This creates the illusion of a never-ending hallway that loops forever. But McDonald changed some of the code to have the first door in the game take the player to the town area seen at the end. This area has its own map ID and is actually rendered in real-time at the end of the game.

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Once McDonald had broken out of PT’s hallways, he found the town of Silent Hill. This area is larger than you might expect. Streets go on and on, with each building featuring details that were hand-placed by developers at Kojima Productions.

Much of this content, like parked cars, small plants, and broken fences and trash, is unseen by the player or only seen for a brief moment from far away during the ending cutscene.

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Another interesting discovery was found by McDonald when he first broke out of the hallways. This ending area was never meant to be explored by the player, so it lacks any collision. This means the modder just falls through the floor the moment he enters the area. However, you don’t fall forever. Lisa, the evil ghost that haunts you in PT, pops up and kills you, resetting the game. So it seems that the developers created an event in case the player fell out of the map. To to get around this, McDonald modified the game a bit and made the player character float a few inches above the ground at all times, allowing him to explore Silent Hill.

Earlier this year, McDonald also discovered a creepy secret in PT. It turns out Lisa the ghost is following you the whole time you play the game.

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I Was Saying Boo-urner

This is wildly cool, and a perfect example of why games need to be preserved and archived.

As a Silent Hill fan, I’m of two minds when it comes to Silent Hills. On one hand, I would have loved a new game in the series. On the other hand, I feel as though the series lost its way when it started demystifying every little detail, and I wonder if Kojima was the man to turn it around, all things considered. I guess I’ll never know.

Seriously, I’m happy to see there’s still someone trying to extract as much as possible from PT, and I wonder how many games from the past might give up similar secrets if really broken open.