To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Small Car Or Big Car, That Is The Question

Wow, today was a dark day in the industry, what with Sony, Microsoft and EA's employment news.

I heard earlier that a bulk of the 1,400 people let go at Microsoft today came from the Devices and Entertainment Division (aka Zune and Xbox 360) but a Microsoft rep told me on the record that: "This is a company-wide action, in which every division will be affected. We cannot share any other details at this time."

Hmm, so maybe a no?

Oh, a lot of people have been asking how the Greyhound is doing. She seems fine after two days of IV treatment and antibiotics. The vet only ended up charging us a tiny portion of the full bill, which was super nice of her. I wonder if it was Salmonella? She does have dog treats with peanut butter in them.


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