To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Mailbag: From Two Years of Harassment to the Anthropology of Kotaku

I drive a compact car — streets are narrow where I live. What's more, living in a big city in Japan, you don't really need a car per se.

However, with small kids, I do find myself using the car more. We go places on my days off that cannot be accessed easily by train or bus. Perhaps we only really "drive" the car once a week, but when we do, we really make good use of it.

Thing is, with four people in my family (two of them in child/baby seats), the car is getting cramped. If we haul the stroller, there's no room to put, say, things we purchase while shopping.

Thus... We're thinking of getting a larger car — at least one bigger enough to hold all of us plus stuff. I'm kinda worried about driving a mid-sized or even possibly a mini-van in Osaka. Many streets don't seem designed with cars in mind and parking can be stressful in obscenely tiny parking lots.


I'm a pretty shit driver, actually. Don't you have a van? Have any probs driving it?

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