Mailbag: From Two Years of Harassment to the Anthropology of Kotaku

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Wash Your Hands? Gargle?


I think maybe, people don't understand the sheer volume of emails we receive in a given day. And how incredibly different they can be. A bulk of the emails I receive are either tips, people contacting me from a company or bloggers/writers asking for advice. But I also get emails calling me names, threatening my life, mocking my family, asking me to fire you guys, insulting my pets. Oh, and then there are the mountain of fake tips, people trying to trick us.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the emails we get from out of the blue from readers, developers, publishers thanking us or saying what a great job we do. Or sending frightening fan art. Or links about Kotaku.

Today I received two emails, back-to-back, that capture the polarity of a day's typically correspondence:

One was to this site, about a guy who apparently spent two years harassing us by email. Funny thing, I didn't notice until today when I told him I was going to start blocking him.

The other is from an anthropologist at the University of Notre Dame who emailed to let me know he had written up a story on his site, Neuroanthropology, that covers how "one day at Kotaku - January 12th - can be read as a reflection of our modern obsessions, from good to bad." It's a pretty neat read.

And that's just two of the roughly 500 emails I received today. And yes, I try to reply to all of the personal ones.


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Luke Plunkett

hahaha, man, I loved those tips.