To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Podcast Guest Editor

'Cause man, people in Osaka apparently do it like crazy — Osaka's children have the cleanest hands and clearest throats in the nation.

Mrs. Bashcraft has always told Mini-Bash to wash his hands and gargle after he returns from being outside. She does it. Her family does it. Everyone I've ever met in this city does. So, I know now when I get home, I automatically wash my hands and gargle. I don't get sick much either!

I've had a TOTALLY UNFOUNDED theory that the incessant handwashing and gargling has its roots in Shintoism — in that when you visit Shinto shrines you are supposed to wash your hands before entering. (Some folks gargle, too!) There's a great deal of importance placed on being clean — though, as I said, this is merely a theory.

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