Bethesda: Whoa, Uh, We Said Nothing About Bill Clinton

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Word that President Clinton was sort-of asked to be the voice of Fallout 3's President Eden arched eyebrows and dropped jaws. But Bethesda's top spokesman put the kibosh on that ever being a serious idea.


Lev Chapelsky of talent firm Blindlight said they inquired, and received a polite "no," regarding the 42nd president's interest in doing video game work. Variety's The Cut Scene contacted Bethesda for comment and got the following from Pete Hines, the vice president of PR and marketing.

Before they would pitch us on someone like Clinton, they may first go ask if he would do something like that. In no way, shape or form, did we say is President Clinton is who we want for this role or [tell Blindlight to] go chase him.

The idea of this ever happening is absurd, but stranger things have come to pass. I think Bethesda's lucky Clinton said no. If he said yes I scarcely imagine that they would have told Blindlight to find someone else. And it would have killed the game.

Sure, he's perfectly matched to the role of a self-serving politician spooling out unbelievable jingoistic blather. But stepping out of the vault for the first time, picking up the Enclave radio signal, and hearing Bill Clinton would have brought the experience to a near-screeching halt, right as it got started.

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Dick Cheney would have been a better choice.