If you're looking for a big name to voice the president in Fallout 3, who would better to get than, well, a former U.S. President. Lev Chapelsky of the Hollywood firm Blindlight tried just that.

"Celebrity acquisition applies not just to celebrity actors but to sports figures, politicians — we've made offers to Bill Clinton for video games and gotten great responses with attorneys who have said, 'The former president will not participate in one of your video game products, thank you very much'," says Chapelsky.

"We appreciated that frankness and candor — you don't get that kind of candor from Creative Artists Agency, frankly. If the answers no, they don't return your call for six months."

Chapelsky wanted to snag Clinton for the very obvious role of the president in Fallout 3. "Wouldn't that have been brilliant? You get to that point in game," he adds, "and you hear that voice in the ether coming from off-camera and you're like, 'I know that guy!'" Yeah, that's Bill Clinton!

Interview: Lev Chapelsky [EDGE Thanks, Komrade Kayce!] [Pic]