Best Buy Reexamining Used Game Sales

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They've dabbled in used video games buy backs and sales before, but we're hearing that Best Buy is once more rolling out a test program to a number of their stories this month.


Just a day after word of Toys R Us testing out used game sales, a source tells us that a used game trade program could be installed in some Best Buy stories within the month.

Last June Best Buy Canada began rolling out used video game sales at their Future Shop outlets throughout the country. And in 2005 Best Buy quietly rolled out a test program in the U.S., which apparently went nowhere.

If true, it makes sense. I can't think of a better time to get into the used game business than during a recession.


Sunshine Hydra

I don't know why people say Gamestop gives bad credit...not if you

trade back in a reasonable period of time and there is demand for the

product. I would agree that Ebay is way better, except it's more of a

hassle and you have to have some foresight into when you will be

selling a game. Whatever. Bottom line: we are in a recession, and used

game sales are a blessing. Bad for the industry or not, they exist, and

anyone would be a fool to not save their money.

I actually saw a kid walk angrily out of a gamestop because the

clerk offered him a "used" copy. The kid walked away and said "It's not

the same", and the clerk responded, "Yes it is", to which the jerk kid

yelled back "NO IT'S NOT!". Someone definitely has issues. It's the

same thing. But cheaper.