Toys R Us Testing Used Game Sales and Buy Backs

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Toys R Us is testing out a new program to buy used video games for store credit at some stores in the New York area, the national toy retailer told Kotaku today.


"We are testing out a program at a couple of our stores in the New York area," said Bob Friedland, senior public relations manager for Toys R Us. "We are selling used games in the stores participating in the test."

He declined to say when or if the program would be rolled out nationwide or extended to other locations. He also declined to say how unusual it was for Toys R Us to be testing out such a program.

Word of the used game buy back program first hit CheapAssGamer earlier today when reader phear3d posted an image of a sign that reads "Sell back your used video games and receive store credit."

According to the sign, which was located in Nanuet, New York's store number 6325, only games in original case with case artwork and manual would be accepted. Game discs can't be cracked and the store wouldn't accept any games rated A.

I'm assuming that means no Adults Only, or AO games are eligible.

Phear3d reports on his blog that there were already a number of used games that had been resealed at his local store. The original Rock Band for the 360 was selling for $30, while Puzzle Quest was selling for $18.


The Toys R Us here in the Denver area told me that they were familiar with the program but that they weren't participating. They did tell me to check back in a couple of weeks to see if the program had been expanded to their area.

Sounds like GameStop may soon have some competition in the lucrative used game sales business.


Toys R Us starts cashing in on the Used Games market



The last time Toys R' Us did this on a nationwide level it was in the late 90s, and they burned themselves due to not having a proper model of the actual used value of games.

I was managing a Funcoland store at the time and customers would come in every week and buy up all of our 50 cent Genesis and Super NES games (mostly EA sports titles) and trade them in for $5 in credit EACH at Toys R' Us.

Sure, it didn't take TRU long to wise up to the stupidity that they had gotten themselves into ... but for the short time they were being taken advantage of by consumers, the word through-the-grapevine was that they lost literally tens of thousands of dollars in credit and were left with a pile of useless games that they wound up selling BACK to Funcoland (behind the scenes) for PENNIES on the dollar, forcing them to further lose cash on the deal.

I ASSUME that this time around they're going to make sure that people aren't trading in used copies of Madden 2007 for PS3 for some type of inflated value (more than a dollar would be too much) ... but WHO KNOWS!

Good luck to them!