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Duke Nukem Forever might be no more, but the Duke can live on through you, as Apogee and Deep Silver take the search for the next live-action Duke Nukem online.


Following the closure of Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms last week, Apogee's Chief Operating Officer Terry Nagy teased an impending Duke announcement via Twitter, leading many to believe the company had plans to pick up the dropped ball. Instead, Apogee and Deep Silver have announced that they are increasing the scope of their search for a live action Duke from a three-city search to a nationwide, internet-based operation. Fans can visit and upload their audition video for consideration. The winner will travel around the world promoting the upcoming Duke Nukem Trilogy and generally making a fool of themselves.


There are several audition clips already uploaded, each one more sympathetically embarrassing than the next. Enjoy.

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