Bayonetta Designer Concedes He Is Bald, But Not Gay (Squabbles With Itagaki?!)

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M'kay... We're not sure why it matters how much hair covers his head and where he dips his candlestick, but Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya brought his hairless noggin and heterosexuality into a recent interview — among other things.

"I am bald, but I am not gay."

Thanks for sharing? Perhaps Kamiya was making some off-handed remark or whatever — he did say he was "sleepy". Unfortunately, Kotaku only has a summary of Kamiya's comments that has been floating around the Japanese internet and thus don't know the full context, which could better explain his statement.


The majority of the comments are concerned with the actual game: "For the opponent, dodging attacks is more humiliating than blocking them." He also talks about how blocking already means you've turned a win-lose into a lose.

One of the main mechanics for Bayonetta is dodging attacks.

Some on the Japanese internet point out that Kamiya also seems to be revisiting his feud with former Team Ninja lead Ninja Tomonobu Itagaki. "It's a huge mistake to think like an idiot that big breasts on women seem erotic." Itagaki is known for his chesty characters in games like Dead or Alive.

The Kamiya vs. Itagaki has been ongoing with Itagaki recommending laser-eye surgery for Kamiya, and Kamiya saying that Itagaki's Ninja Gaiden didn't have "the power" to pull him in.


Previously, Itagaki also said, "My daughter tried playing Okami, and she got sick of it pretty quickly — and I got pretty sick of it, too... So I heard Kamiya said something about the action genre not moving forward in eight years. Can you tell me more about that? ...Was he asleep for eight years?"


The Japanese internet seems to believe that Kamiya's recently comment that he's "sleepy" is in reference to this Itagaki remark. Oh the drama, the drama.

ゲームクリエイターの神谷氏と板垣氏の抗争が本格化してきた件について [はちま起稿] [Pic]

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Beau Dazzle

I like Mr. Kamiya much more than that sexist pig, Itagaki.