Tomonobu Itagaki Mehs Okami, Respects Kutaragi

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Earlier, Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya didn't exactly have kind words for Ninja Gaiden. They weren't mean per se, they just weren't kind. Kamiya said he's "not interested" in NG so perhaps you could say he is indifferent. In the same issue of EGM, former Team Ninja lead ninja Tomonobu Itagaki has this to say about Kamiya and his game Okami:

My daughter tried playing Okami, and she got sick of it pretty quickly-and I got pretty sick of it, too. And I'm not out to make this an Okami bashing session or anything — I'm just saying that it didn't feel like it had much of a spirit. It's unique, but it's not a powerful fighter plane... So I heard Kamiya said something about the action genre not moving forward in eight years. Can you tell me more about that?


Apparently, Kamiya said the action genre hasn't moved forward since the release of the first Devil May Cry. To which Itagaki replied:

Was he asleep for eight years? ...There are two types of people out there who like to make controversial, splashy comments. There are those who are truly outspoken, and there are those who are just trying to cover up for there weaknesses. We have a saying here in Japan — "the weaker dog barks more" — and I sincerely also like to remind him to make sure to stay awake for the next years.


Knives out! Oh, and as a special bonus, Itagaki also offered sound-bytes on why he makes Xbox 360 games:

First of al, I think that the PS3 was an attempt by [former Sony chairman and CEO Ken] Kutaragi to create a uniquely Japanese computer to take on the intel standard; in that sense, I have a lot of respect for him. But to me, having a fighter that's powerful and easy to pilot makes it easy to win. That's my main goal, and thats why I choose to pilot 360.

...and on what he's been up to lately:

I've been taking pictures, working on my model trains, drinking, of course, and gambling. And that's what things have been lately. But you know me — I'm not just going to sit back. No, I'm definitely going to make something very soon. The great, wide expanse of the skies awaits.


Wow, Itagaki is into model trains. Did not know that. I guess you really do learn something new everyday.

Thanks dmitsuki for the tip!

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Darth Tigris

You know ....... his comments about Kutaragi were a bit of a revelation for me. I remember a rumored comment from Kuturagi way back when the PS1 was being planned/launched circa 1995 where he identified Microsoft as the enemy they were targeting. In light of Itagaki's comments here, his passionate but somewhat ill-conceived approach for the PS3 makes a lot more sense.

For the record I'm not BASHING the system, as it has proven that good games can be developed on it. But its obvious that it has a lot of power that is hindered by bottlenecks and it has an architecture that is quite different than those that most developers are familiar with.