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Devil May Cry The Harlot And Bayonetta's Flesh Flashing Hair Attacks!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hideki Kamiya is best known for two things: Creating Devil May Cry and being enthralled by American supermarkets. While he never did any of the DMC sequels, he has gone on to head up Osaka-based Platinum Games and create the upcoming "stylish action game" Bayonetta. In the latest EGM, Kamiya does have loads to say about his DMC past:

I wanted to do the sequel. I used to want to do a sequel, but now it's like some other guy's chick. It's not my chick anymore. And that chick got fooled and played all around from all over, so I don't want her anymore. I'm only concentrating on my current chick.

Kamiya's DMC was turned into a dirty harlot? So sad. And his current girl is of course the previously mentioned Bayonetta. Apparently in the game, the Bayonetta lady appears to be wearing leather, but its actually her hair. The more hair attacks she does, the more skin players see. Kamiya's comments about this and his total Ninja Gaiden apathy and desire to outdo God of War after the jump!

I feel strongly that women [in real life] should dress like her. Like, when she does the hair attacks, you see her skin. So I want women to wear fashion like that.


You know, hair attacks are handy in real life.

I've never played Ninja Gaiden, and to be honest, I'm not that interested. You know when you're watching a TV commercial or a movie trailer or listening to a song or whatever, how you just feel something and you get pulled into it? it just didn't have that power, so thats why I wasn't interested.


Needs more hair attacks, no doubt. But hey, Kamiya isn't a total hater, check out his two cents about God of War:

But out of all those action titles, there's one game that I'm paying really close attention to that I think is a rival series — a good game — which is called God of War. I guess they're working on a sequel? I want to make a game that exceeds God of War's sequel. Thats one title I'm paying attention to.


That's cool Kamiya is so pumped about God of War — especially as Kratos isn't able to do hair attacks.

Thanks dmitsuki for the tip! [Pic]