Battlestations: Pacific Volcano Map Pack Erupts Tomorrow

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The first set of downloadable content for Battlestations: Pacific hits Xbox Live, with two hot new maps burning up the Pacific front in the Volcano Map Pack.


The two new maps share a volcanic theme, hence the name of the downloadable pack, available tomorrow on Xbox Live and June 25th for Games for Windows Live players. The Volcano Map, which is playable in the game's Island Capture, Competitive and Duel modes, features a Hawaiian-style (with pineapple and ham?) island setting, with Duel mode taking place around a partially submerged volcano.

The second map, Choke Point, is set in a narrow channel surrounded by two volcanic outcroppings, where players can participate in Escort, Siege and Duel modes.


Both maps will be available tomorrow for the Xbox 360 at a price of 560 Microsoft points, with the price carrying over to the Games for Windows version later on this month.

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I still really want to get this game. Does anyone have it? If so how is it?

My 360 is currently being brought back from the dead at wherever the hell MS Japans frankenstein lab is, so was not able to get the demo myself.

Didnt have a chance to play the original. :/