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Battlefield V Easter Egg Summons Raucous Crab Rave

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: DANNYonPC

Battlefield easter eggs have always been a mix of intense secret missions for hidden guns and random nonsense. Locked doors open to reveal release dates, puddles hide giant sharks. A new easter egg adds some festivity, gathering a collection of crabs into a cheery celebration.

It’s all a part of Battlefield V’s triumphant return to the Pacific Theater, bringing back some of the most famous maps in the series’ history. Arguably the most iconic map of all time is Wake Island. Battlefield V’s version hides a secret involving morse code messages and coordinates that lead to a flashy surprise.

There are tons of crabs smattered around Wake Island, some of which scurry off and a few that allow players to approach. If you find enough of the latter, they congregate around a commemorative plaque dedicated to long-time players. From there, the process gets a lot more involved. Grabbing a pair of headphones allows one player to hear morse code off a radio station. Decoding the message reveals a string of numbers and letters that turn out to be coordinates to positions around the real Wake Island. Heading to these locations on the map leads to the discovery of vinyl records that play old-school Battlefield themes. Collect enough and a cheery steel-drum remix will play.

And gosh, do those crabs dance! With bouncy bobs and silly sways. There’s fire and music and crabs. You know, all the things you love about Battlefield V. I’m half-kidding when I say that. DICE’s commitment to wild easter eggs adds charm and brings the community together to hunt down some fantastic secrets. This feels as fitting a celebration as any for their time and efforts.