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Battlefield 3 Might Not Be Released on Steam

Illustration for article titled emBattlefield 3/em Might Not Be Released on Steam

A few weeks ago, a list of retailers from which you'd be able to pre-order Battlefield 3, surely the biggest PC game of the year, was released. Popular online shopfront Steam wasn't among them.


At the time, that didn't seem too big a deal. Other recent EA games, like Alice: Madness Returns, had not been available for pre-order on Steam either, but had shown up for purchase once released.


Well, things are looking a little more dire, with EA now releasing a list of retailers from which you'll be able to buy Battlefield 3. Not pre-order, buy. And Steam is not listed.

This of course all boils down to a little spat EA and Valve are having at the moment over who as the right to do whatever.

Now, it's not the final word in the matter. Like I said, there's been precedent for EA games suddenly appearing for sale on Steam recently. But given the way the pair's showdown has escalated of late, it certainly doesn't look promising.


We've contacted EA for final confirmation on the matter, and will update if we hear back.


Digital Retailers [Battlefield 3, thanks Salari!]

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No offense to the "PC Master Race", and I do know this post will probably be serious flame-bait, but I don't care one bit about the whole BF3 release scenario on PC. I like to think that I have a decent rig, i5-2500k, SLI GTX 460's, etc., and I also may or may not have Alpha tested the game *wink* *wink*, so I am pretty excited about the PC release of this game. I think it looks amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my PC will run it.

With that being said, PC gamers, obviously generally speaking, need to stop being so, what's the phrase, "butt-hurt" about this whole situation. Anytime someone focuses so much on the practices, ethics, and economy of a company, instead of the games themselves, they're pretty much missing the whole point, and need to be punched in the wiener, or ovaries, if you will. I've seen people get down-right angry about the dealings of a company they have nothing to do with, except buying their awesomely fun games, and simply REFUSE to buy a game if it isn't distributed the right way. I'm sure there are probably some people in this thread like that.

My advice: stop being dumb and play the damn game.

I don't care if I have to buy the game on Steam or Origin, hell, I wouldn't care if they made me line up outside a Best Buy at 2 AM in the rain. If I care enough about a game, if I think it's fun enough and I've had a good experience with the franchise, I don't give a damn how it's distributed. People need to grow up and act like adults.

Maybe all these PC guys should have been playing on XBOX Live all along ;)