Is Battlefield 3 Skipping Steam?

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Over the weekend, EA published a list of all the digital retailers you'd be able to preorder Battlefield 3 from. There were dozens of stores. Yet Steam wasn't one of them.


That's led to speculation that, in the wake of the recent, ahem, change in relationship between EA and Steam owners Valve, you won't be able to buy the game on the PC's most popular digital shopfront.


The thing is, the list has since been pulled from the game's site. Perhaps because of that 2+2=5 speculation! After all, just because a game doesn't appear on a preliminary list of preorder sites doesn't mean it won't be available at all.

Case in point: recent EA release Alice: Madness Returns wasn't available for preorder on Steam. Yet on the day of its release, bam, it magically appeared for sale on Valve's service.

The same may well be true in this case. We've contacted EA to see what's up, and will update if we hear back.

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Just went digging through my PC, PS3, 360, and Wii games because I was curious what the last EA game I bought was. It was Burnout Paradise. I'm not a hater, they just don't make anything that I want to buy I guess.

For all the bitching and moaning on the BF3 subject, I bet it doesn't stop most of the people claiming they won't buy it. I give it a week before you cave. Tops. Then let the dude-bro fist bumping commence. Personally, I've played enough war FPSs to hold me over for the next decade so I actually will be skipping it. I'm sure it'll be a fun game, I just really can't play another one. Not that I didn't have fun with CoD4 or 1943, they've just been done to death is all. That and my country is involved in too many unnecessary wars irl as it is. I use video games as a way to escape reality, not replicate it.