Lisa Marie Segarra
Mar 24

This is inevitably what will happen when games touch close to reality. It’s weird to me that the guy says “No one wants to play as an Iraqi civilian” because I’ve felt for awhile now like a “role reversal” situation could potentially make for a very solid survival game. Like imagine a game set during the Rwanadan Read more

Mar 19

Don’t beat yourself up over it. You can’t commit every waking hour to the job search. In my experience, there aren’t even enough decent jobs available to fill a whole day of searching. You have to do something fun to offset how soul crushing looking for a job can be. It’s the healthy thing to do.

Mar 18

I absolutely feel this. I stay up and play games late at night even though my wife says I can play during the day because I feel guilty playing in between looking for work. Also, I’m happy I didn’t get the job I applied for at Digital Trends now. Best of luck on your new job! :) The job market is brutal right now.

Mar 18

unfortunately gaming while unemployed also brings about the guilt of doing something unproductive when i should be looking for a job or cleaning up or figuring out something to get better at.  it sucks.

Feb 15

Absolutely has to be Super Mario Party. It takes too fucking long to complete a game of any substance (10+ turns), so you’re stuck with the other person for at least an hour. If somebody gets completely shut out from winning halfway through the game (which happens all the time), then they either get to king-make or Read more

Jan 28

I feel so cynical and nihilistic watching the wealthy class clutch their pearls at another class creating market volatility. I graduated in 2011, in the middle of a “once in a lifetime” global recession that caused my industry to shrink by 30-40%, caused by the wealthy class pulling the levers of the world economy Read more

Jan 27

To be fair, I think it would still be news if a western developer (rather than an investor firm) was doing this much purchasing - if Activision had bought a large stake in Dontnod, for example, I tend to assume Kotaku would still have covered it. But you’re right in that they don’t really seem to be doing anything Read more

Jan 27

At this point (at least in the Western market), Tencent feels less like a company that develops videogames and more like some sort of mutual fund or investment firm that specializes in buying up just short of board-control amounts of video game companies’ stock. I mean, this should concern me - and does, kind of! - Read more

Jan 26

Wasn’t The Sims was always a horror game? Neglect your sim for a few days, forget to provide it interactions with other sims, then watch its slow descent into madness.

Jan 12

It is so stupid to continue using the faces of real people for emotes. This is a dumb tradition from the early day of Twitch. It trains the audience to treat people as commodities rather than human beings.

Jan 12

I don’t know - it feels like one of the major problems we have (beyond Tech companies only doing the right thing when it’s safe or financially advantageous, even not enforcing their own policies to do so) is that there is a huge epidemic of bad-faith argumentation on the Right that we don’t treat as bad faith.

It’s Read more