Lisa Marie Segarra
Yesterday 5:17PM

This is a great point about the gameplay! It really is an island decorator. The only reason I would check it most days was to see what furniture or items I could collect that I didn’t have yet

Yesterday 5:15PM

It’s really lovely! There’s no terraforming or crafting, and no game is perfect, but it also has so many details and a very full wiki!

Yesterday 3:47PM

For myself, I never time travel but I compare it to previous games (more NPCs, areas to visit, diving and art at launce, gyroids). And New Horizons feels lacking in comparison. Most of the “updates” we’ve gotten only put in features from previous games or expanded on seasonal elements. The terraforming and outdoor Read more

Yesterday 3:43PM

New Leaf would have a tree that would go based on the number of days you played. It was a small touch but really nice for visualizing how far you’d come!

5/12/21 2:05PM

A lot of therapy is about how to deal with things outside of our control in healthy ways!

5/12/21 12:09PM

I said I almost want to tell him he’s enough. But like many people, he’s a hurt person hurting people. I don’t think he would have done any of this if not for Mother Miranda. And it’s not excuse, it’s a reason for his to get help! As for Mia not talking, it’s because she wasn’t...herself.

2/15/21 8:21PM

I think I blocked this from my memory, but I now recall playing Mario Party with a boyfriend and throwing an embarrassing tantrum after having a star stolen when I was in the lead. I was DEVASTATED.

We are no longer together.

1/28/21 10:40AM

This is definitely true! They’re big moves regardless of who’s doing it, and it’s really interesting to see how it continues.