Jonathan Lee
6/09/21 7:10PM

Fair enough, honestly I was speaking from a gut reaction to the material I’d seen of Backbone and I can’t really back it up with anything substantial... but it was good hearing your point of view. Thanks for the dialogue.

6/09/21 11:55AM

Good lord, am I sucker for point and click adventures which, visually speaking, accurately channel the genre’s early-t0-mid nineties heyday. Read more

5/28/21 3:38PM

That isn’t the case for Mass Effect and for most playthroughs of Dragon Age, in which the player is observing racism happening to others—or worse, is perpetuating it themselves. Read more

5/28/21 12:16PM

I’ll take it.

Does Shadow of the Colossus count? Maybe Shadow of the Colossus counts. Certainly a lot of the last level. Maybe the first level of God of War 3, also. 

5/28/21 9:54AM

Super excited that this is finally getting released! I pledged to the Kickstarter back in 2018 and have been anxiously awaiting it ever since. I played the prologue probably three times, the atmosphere is just so good. And like you said, the music! I’m glad the tier I pledged to comes with the OST.

5/17/21 9:56PM

But even after I picked up Liara and headed to Noveria, I was still gated out of certain Charm options. It could be a quirk of the new Legendary leveling system, which crunches the level 60 cap in the original Mass Effect down to 30, but I was starved for Paragon points despite consistently making Paragon choices on Read more

5/17/21 7:05PM

How exactly does one have ‘competence’ in controlling a fictional vehicle that is almost universally regarded as having awful controls? Just because you personally are somehow gifted at piloting this floaty, intergalactic shopping cart of a video game vehicle does not in any way reflect on the competence of other Read more

5/17/21 6:07PM

And I’d wager that people who think the Mako handles like anything other than a hypnotically drunk slinky have never before played a video game with good vehicles in it.