Jonathan Lee
6/17/21 10:12AM

Yes but Garrus is a few years younger. He’s around 25ish when he meets Shepard, according to Patrick Weekes.
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6/16/21 10:46AM

You also get a special bit of dialogue during the final battle at the Citadel if you hit the shot!

6/10/21 3:00PM

If you pick up Control for free then get the season pass on discount, yes, you’ve functionally just bought the Control Ultimate Edition for $7.49.

6/09/21 7:00PM

I don’t think it’s fair to say it lifts the same concept or narrative as Blacksad. As I mentioned in my review, the game makes a very hard genre and tone shift. I didn’t want to spoil it but it’s pretty drastic. I wouldn’t call the art similar either.

I suppose I could’ve also mentioned Maus and go off on an art Read more

6/09/21 2:20PM

That’s a solid backlog! I’ve played through Whispers of a Machine and Thimbleweed Park and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

And I enjoyed Lamplight City by Grundislav Games so much that I’m currently waiting for Rosewater to pop up as available on the wishlist.

Now that you bring it up, another thing I wish I noted in Read more

6/09/21 2:04PM

There’s already a video game based on the comic Blacksad. Backbone isn’t adapted from anything.

I didn’t want to draw the comparison because even though I’m familiar with Blacksad, I don’t know enough about it to speak with authority. I tried playing Blacksad: Under the Skin months ago but ended up refunding it cause Read more

6/09/21 12:05PM

Tons, especially since there are several parts of the city that you never get to visit. I don’t know if EggNut is interested in a sequel but they certainly left many doors open for one.

A lot is up in the air but the epilogue did at least establish some prospective major characters and their motivations.

6/08/21 4:54PM

Well, smurfs aren’t bannable because stomping noobs isn’t against the game’s rules. It’s just considered poor taste. Read more

6/04/21 4:07PM

1. Griefing, trolling, account boosting, cheating, smurfing, etc.

2. By gating ranked matchmaking behind a paid account again, they’ve reestablished a financial deterrent. If get caught cheating on an F2P account, you can just make a new one. If you get caught cheating on a Prime account, you lost $15. Even a very Read more

5/28/21 12:10PM

The only thing I can think of is X-COM: UFO Defense. It’s been a while but I think the last level was on Mars, specifically Cydonia, because it turned out the “face of Mars” is a giant alien city shaped like a face.

5/25/21 8:53PM

Unfortunately, yes. There are a lot of funny and informative articles are there but it’s also filled with bigoted edgelords.

5/25/21 8:47PM

What you described is basically what happens to planets in the Imperium. For the vast majority of worlds, the Imperium is happy to leave them alone to do whatever they want as long as they pay their tithes in the form of resources and recruits for the Imperial Guard.

The size is such that thousands of worlds are lost, Read more

5/19/21 3:03PM

Are you speaking generally or responding to my piece in particular? Cause I actually praised the game in the article. Read more

5/18/21 9:40AM

It could be a confluence of things. I’ve always done all my Mass Effect playthroughs on Insanity. Maybe setting it to Insanity and Legendary is what’s causing it.

My campaign order up to that point was:

Citadel => Therum => 14 side missions => Noveria

I kept my Charm bar filled and made Paragon choices the whole time. By Read more