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Well, actually, Elf from Gauntlet could fire faster ....

This was a nice read, thanks!! Love Dark Souls, i need to finish the Outskirts too, then to New Game +!! Read more

I must've attempted the Frozen Outskirts 30 times before finally beating it. My strategy was simple: Call in the two NPCs and RUN; first straight towards the wall and second running alongside it, but only sprinting when the snow stopped. I never encountered more than two of those stupid horses while doing that. Read more

I had a BLAST with the DLC. I spent a good part of the past few months loving this game and put a good 200 hours into it before I felt I had done everything I wanted to do. Read more

I am a massive Dark Souls fan. I literally have fun thousands of hours into the series and am anxiously awaiting Bloodborne. That being said I was disappointed with the 3 DLC's as a whole. The second DLC was the only one I really enjoyed and I had issues with that also. Read more

I think there's something missing from this discussion- JRPG's don't have to be cinema. They don't have to be Hollywood. They sure as hell don't have to be set in some sort of futuristic setting.
What so many of us long for and pine after is a return to the simple joys of escaping reality by visiting mysterious ancient Read more

this isn't the first time these two felines crossed paths

Funny how I could spend countless hours doing virtual interior design rearranging candlesticks and dinnerware in my stronghold. Yet in real life I'm living out of boxes in a house I've been in for over a month. Then again I don't own any daedric hearts to display in my fruit bowl. Read more

Seeing Belle & Sebastian and Titus Andronicus namedropped on the frontpage of Kotaku made my motherfucking day. Read more

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First time I ever heard of Titus Andronicus is a Weezer cover they did with one of the Vivian girls on youtube.

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Admittedly, after seeing this review over a decade ago, I always wanted to try Morrowind out.

House Telvanni. Of course. The only true house. Don't listen to the Redoran propagandists in Raven Rock, they're just jealous. Read more