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I'm famous! Also I got nothing but shards that entire run. Which is fine, I don't really want Black Hammer anyway.

Because the expansion also raised the level cap and we had to play the raid on normal for a few weeks to get the gear and materials needed to reach the new level cap. As you've read the new bar is 33, while the current player level cap is 32. When the expansion launched most experienced players were 29-30, meaning a Read more

I feed my dogs normal dog food, though vegan dog food does exist. I've considered switching them over but they're picky so I don't feel like it. Read more

An 11-year-old is much more developed than an 8-year-old. I had definitely beat it by the time I was 11. Read more

So you're making the wheat anyway? That's pretty funny actually Read more

Thanks! It's been a really gradual thing for me and I think I will eventually go full vegan most likely. But I currently don't feel the need to and I'm comfortable and happy with my progress so far. Your cows story made me guffaw loudly though. That is some twisted thinking! Read more

That's really interesting! Did it change the way you play at all? Read more

Nope. Some YouTube channels just post a lot of good videos and I guess we like to share them. Read more

I'm whatever I say I am. Yesterday I was a direwolf. Now I'm an astronaut. DEAL WITH IT Read more

Oh yeah! I forgot about that game, but it was cool! Good call. Read more

I think that's the point. They get to define it as whatever they want. Read more

I know it's hypocritical of me to say this but I think you might be taking it too far :) Read more