At long last, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered has a release date: August 27. The game is coming to PS4, Switch, and mobile, and will have cross-play. Fortunately, this time around you won’t need four Game Boy Advances to play co-op although someone will still need to carry that damn pot around.

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I think I’ve posted this before when the game has come up but this along with Earthbound are the games “games that got away” from me. Over the course of a Summer so long ago during the Gamecube’s Active time, myself and 3 other friends armed with our GBA’s aimed to beat this game solid. For many weeks we got together and leveled and played to get to the point where as fate would have it, the last possible weekend we could play together before everyone moved away out of state etc was the moment we were at the final boss. The perfect setup for the perfect ending but we did not succeed and we ran out of time. I loved how the multiplayer magic attacks were enhanced by how many overlayed on top of it. It was a truly unique experience and if I could get reliable AI to cast the bigger spells I would have loved to go back and finish it. Perhaps with this rerelease I can finally go back and do this...

(Earthbound I got to the dream sequence and wasn’t high enough level and didn’t have enough items and was stuck and couldn’t get out, why it was the other game that got away and I never went back to replay it and finish it either).