Assassin's Creed Games' Modern Day Sequences, Ranked

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The announcement of a new Assassin’s Creed has inspired people to prove their  taste and expertise by ranking the series’ main games. That’s nice, but how about we rank the most important parts of each Assassin’s Creed game, shall we?


From best to worst...

  1. III’s Modern Day
  2. Black Flag’s Modern Day
  3. Rogue’s Modern Day
  4. Brotherhood’s Modern Day
  5. Revelations’ Modern Day
  6. II’s Modern Day
  7. Origins’ Modern Day
  8. Odyssey’s Modern Day
  9. AC1's Modern Day
  10. Syndicate’s Modern Day
  11. Unity’s Modern Day
  12. Liberation’s Modern Day

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AC1's modern day was better than Origins or Odyssey. Origins’s was so skant that it belongs at the bottom with Liberation and Syndicate, while in Odyssey the present-day character isn’t sympathetic at all.

I’d also slide Rogue and Black Flag down beneath anything in the original “trilogy”. If Ubisoft had paid off the Juno arc in-game instead of in a comic maybe I’d rate them higher, but with how they’re left hanging without a conclusion, I can’t rate them that high.