Army of Two Action Figures Hit Stores, Fistbump Castle Playset Sold Seperately

The battle for Shanghai rages on in your home with the release of NECA's Army of Two: The 40th Day action figures, bringing total fistbump destruction action to toy stores near you.

NECA's Salem and Rios 7" action figures feature real pivoting facemask action and more articulation points than any Army of Two action figure previously released. They even feature a choking hazard warning! If that doesn't convince you to look up a retailer currently stocking Army of Two: The 40th Day action figures, I don't know what will!


In the coming months, we're expecting the Rios Mobile, Salem Chopper and Fistbump Castle with Slime Pit and Abandoned Chinese Zoo to finally make their way to store shelves. So start saving those proofs of purchase, kids!

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