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Ark: Survival Evolved is coming to Switch this fall. According to Studio Wildcard, the Switch version will have the same features as on PS4 and Xbox One. No word yet on whether it will be cross-play with the PC version. Either way, you’ll soon be able to poach dinosaurs on the go.


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Part of me is excited and wants this very.very. much.

But the game runs not so great, even on more powerful systems, and not to mention the amount of bugs and other “projects”(PixArk) Wildcard has come up with before that are still MIA(the Ark VR Jurrasic park knockoff) or pretty much dead (Survival of the fittest).

They shouldn’t port this to the Switch. Not that the system can’t handle it, I just don’t think the devs have it in them to make it work well. PixArk would likely do much better. I hope.