Are You Canadian? Are You Familiar with "Moe"?

To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: The Year We Make 3-2-1 Contact

I'm not Canadian. But I am familiar with moe — oh yes. And probably anyone with a passing interest in current Japanese animation or gooey-eyed games does as well. In a duck press, "moe" (萌え) means "budding", but it's a pun on "燃え" (moe), which means "burning". It's that warm fuzzy feeling some get when looking at cute cartoon characters, among other things — though "moe" means different things to different people. Like, what I think is moe, might be different from what you, Stephen Totilo think is.


ANYWAY, if you live in Ottawa, Canada, then you can hear the always delightful Patrick Galbraith discuss otaku and moe at Ottawa University on January 8. Some details right here. There ya go.

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