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Famitsu: Final Fantasy XIII Misses Perfect Score [Story Spoiler!]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This year, Japanese magazine Famitsu has awarded a perfect 40/40 score to four games: Dragon Quest IX, Monster Hunter 3, Bayonetta and New Super Mario Bros. Years-in-the-making and eagerly-anticipated Final Fantasy XIII did not.

Famitsu has four reviewers rate games on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best for a cumulative 40/40 score. Famitsu praised the game's cut scenes as well as the battle system and the high level of strategy it offers. Interestingly, one Famitsu reviewer noted how up until the mid-way point of the game, the story seemed be linear and that it didn't offer any new "gimmicks" in its story telling.


Here is how the other FF title stack up in the eyes of Famitsu:

Final Fantasy I - 35
Final Fantasy II - 35
Final Fantasy III - 36
Final Fantasy Ⅳ - 36
Final Fantasy V - 34
Final Fantasy VI - 37
Final Fantasy VII - 38
Final Fantasy VIII - 37
Final Fantasy IX - 38
Final Fantasy X - 39
Final Fantasy XI - 38
Final Fantasy XII- 40
Final Fantasy XIII - 39