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Forbes looks at some of Apple's latest maneuverings and concludes the company is muscling up on its mobile gaming business.

This week, Apple picked off two guys with heavyweight résumés - Richard Teversham, Microsoft's former Xbox strategy-mans, and Bob Drebin, who at Advanced Micro Device created the Gamecube's graphics processor. Those developments, added to Apple's investments in graphics and semiconductor technology, translate to "snappier, better looking games," on the iPhone and iPod Touch, writes Forbes.


Also notable, programmers say Apple reminds them to develop for different resolutions and screen sizes. Considering the profound success of the iTunes App Store, which just passed a billion downloads, and gold-rush tales of indie developers striking it rich with simple games, Apple's investment in creating more robust games and apps is a no-brainer. But whether it amounts to a new device, or one with a gaming focus, is anyone's guess.

Apple's Interest In Gaming Isn't Casual [Forbes]

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