Another Kotaku Party and Digital Vomit

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Bun Oven Update

I spent a chunk of the day planning out our E3 coverage and how we will be handling the rest of the year's upcoming events. It looks like we may be hosting a party the weekend before E3 in Los Angles for readers. Something similar to our Kotaku Party at Tokyo's Mother and Brooklyn's Barcade. I'm SUPER PSYCHED as you can tell by the caps and the following exclamation points!!!

I also spoke with a bunch of the writers about upcoming projects and such. While speaking with Adam about his and Owen's awesome GTA DUI video, I happened to mention how unnecessary I thought the (spoiler) final vomit scene was. I knew it was faked with green dye and a can of soup, aka a green version of the Big Red One, but I still thought it was a bit too much. Not so, said Adam. In fact, the fake vomit, when turned in to him, was far too green to use, so he digitized the whole thing. That's right: Digital vomit. It's like our own Jar Jar Binks.


Gotta run, we just received a copy of LEGO Indiana Jones and Tristan is downstairs humming the Indie theme song while rhythmically stomping out the song's bass on bubble wrap. I'm afraid he's going to sink into some joy-enduced coma if I don't go rescue him.

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Hey Crecente, I hear the east coast is even cooler.

*sigh* Why does E3 have to be so far away?