Bun Oven Update

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Ubidays to Captivate

After a gajillion years of feeling like bird shit and barfing like it was a recreation sport, Mrs. Bashcraft was in a little better spirits today. She was up and about — even decided she wanted to cook beef stew! (FYI: Her beef stew is way better than the dinner meals at 7-11.) After that, she passed out on the sofa for an eternity, woke up and played NSMB on the DS and then went back to sleep.

Literally, like in the last two days, she has really started to show. There is a definite pregnant belly going on. She still isn't up to walking the kid to the bus stop and waking up early. But just seeing her back to her old self (somewhat) has been great.


Oh, so the hamster that powers the site went bananas a few hours back. Good times.

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Congrats Bash, glad that things are improving. Do send her our love.